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A Very Brief Account of the Chief Events of Saturday

Status Report: the meeting on Saturday.

On Saturday, the 28th of February, we met in the Hernando library with a group of friends, families, and Pastors to help coordinate Personhood work in the district, partic. Desoto county. While the group was not quite as large as was hoped, due to the bad weather (there was actually snow falling from the sky!) what we had was very encouraging. We were given the opportunity to meet with new people and to excite new volunteers. In addition, we also had a lady from the CARE Pregnancy Help Centre of Southaven and she gave us permission to put there name on the web page.

After some introductory statements from one of the leaders up there, my dad gave what he said was the “groundwork’ speech, the make way for Mr Cal (Zastrow). Following after the aforesaid Mr Zastrow gave his “firing up” and training session, there was a Q&A session, lots of highly important questions and points being brought up. One young man asked, and this was a first, “What can I do to help, since I can’t read?” He, at least, was fired up. If we can get enough six to ten year like him excited, they will end up doing most of the real work. The meeting was closed with an encouraging word of prayer.

I think there was much more visible spiritual concern in this group than in many others. I was especially encouraged by the closing prayer, and I hope that many people from that particular group may be drawn closer to Christ through this.



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