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not following the crowd…

It’s encouraging to see someone in the fast lane care so little about their popularity that they are willing to stand on what they think is important.

At least, that what’s Tim Tebow does.


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John Piper on Public Repentance

Here’s an excellent piece by John Piper. It doesn’t mention Personhood, but it’s still very applicable.

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Dominican Republic Protects ALL Life

Angela Whitman sent this news article with her Christian Liberty News e-mail. It is excellent encouragement, but also a challenge for us in Mississippi. Let us follow the example of this island nation and show that we value all life.

Vote will protect unborn beginning at conception
Written by Bob Unruh – WorldNetDaily
Friday, 24 April 2009
‘Victory serves as example to other nations’

Lawmakers working on a new constitution for the Dominican Republic have voted overwhelmingly to protect life, specifying in the document that “the right to life is inviolable from conception until death.” The vote yesterday was 167-32 in the national legislature, which was responding to pressure from international pro-abortion groups seeking to expand their business operations into the Caribbean island nation.
“A true respect for human life is protecting it from the beginning, the Dominican Republic is ahead of America in building a society where all human life is truly respected,” said Ignacio Reyes, director of Live Action San Jose. His group was among several that sent representatives to the nation over the past month to explain the full impact of abortion.
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Divine Appointments

A couple of weeks ago, Cal Zastrow, Caleb Gilbert, & some of the Riley Kidswere petitioning at Ole Miss.

Cal approached a well dressed man in his late 20’s / early 30’s . Cal asked him, if he wanted to sign a pro-life petition.

The man told Cal : “It’s interesting that you should ask me this today. My wife and I have always considered ourselves pro-life, but we have an abortion scheduled for Saturday.

Cal, no longer merely a pro-life petitioner, but an Ambassador of Christ with an opportunity to minister to a need, spent some time talking with him & asking him what the problem was.

The man told Cal that the baby had a severe brain stem defect & almost certainly would not survive long after the birth. Cal was able to minister to him, to talk with him about the sovereignty of God; the love of Christ; the humanity of his unborn child; the pain that he & his wife would suffer if they went through with the abortion as opposed to the blessing of trusting God and protecting his wife & child until the child’s natural death.

We prayed for him that night. I wish I could report that we know that these troubled young parents changed their minds, but we do not.
What we do know is that Cal would have never gotten this Gospel opportunity; this. “Divine Appointment” had he not been out petitioning or been involved in another way (like through sidewalk counseling minstry or working at a CPC).

Another thing that we know is that while the Personhood effort in Colorado did not win at the ballot box, the process has had an amazing eternal impact on the state. Consider, that the Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the state had their clients, volunteers, and donations go up dramatically during/ after the petition process & election. And at the same time, Planned Parenthood has seen the number of abortions drop dramatically (reportedly to less than half) during the same people.

If you, your family, or your church have a desire to be used by God to minister to those in need and to speak the peace & truth of the Gospel to desperate souls, one way to find opportunities ( and “Divine Appointments”) could be to get actively involved in helping Personhood Mississippi’s Petitioning Efforts.

Call (662)-760-8695 or e-mail to get involved

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On Campus

Sorry I haven’t shown up recently. I guess it was just generally accepted that I was going to have to head this site up, so I guess I should post more often.

Things have been rolling along as smoothly as possible of late. We’re hearing of a lot of people working on this, most of whom are doing better than I am. People are donating their time and effort to this in ways that we sometimes don’t even realize, and it makes one think, “What have I been doing?” I guess there’s a danger of working on this becoming a side issue once the excitement of starting has passed. Or, if you’re like me, when it comes time to actually start doing work beyond petitioning. Even though I don’t think Personhood work has to or even should become the centre of our life, you would be amazed at how it gives you something to do when you feel as though you’re being useless.

Okay, so what have we been doing? Well, today a couple of siblings and myself headed out with a friend from church to talk to the Baptist Student Union at Northeast in Boonville. It was a good effort, and even though it was not perfect, we got some good signatures. I’m not sure how on board any of those young people are, but hopefully this will give them something to think and pray about.

As a first, I had one young man challenge me about the Personhood of the unborn. If petitioners could be graded, I would be a -5 for being nervous. I guess that’s what happens when we try to rely on our own strength. I tried to answer the guy as best I could, but I didn’t jump at the God-given opportunity like I should have. Then again, in the end the kid said, “I just picking at you. I’ll sign.”

Like, okay. That was not half so mortifying as the time we were at Ole Miss and I couldn’t get a girl I knew to sign. But seriously, more in keeping with the purposes of this site, if you do run in to reoccurring problems with people, (if it’s a one time thing, disregard it), just e-mail and we (meaning someone like my dad) will do our best to answer your questions.

Another highlight for me was asking a certain couple, a guy and a girl who looked like she was expecting an addition to her familiar circle sometime soon. When I explained to the guy what we were doing, and said that this amendment would say that unborn children have the same rights as the rest of us, the girl said, “Of course they do. Mine does.” I thought that was pretty cool.

(And by the way, after my second time doing it, I’ve found that working campus’s is pretty fun. Which isn’t really our goal, but try it if you can.)

No matter what work you’re doing, whether petitioning, changing the world, or just living and serving Christ in the things that we call “unimportant,” may He bless you to walk in His presence and bring glory to Him. God bless!

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Cool Picture From Desoto Meeting

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A Very Brief Account of the Chief Events of Saturday

Status Report: the meeting on Saturday.

On Saturday, the 28th of February, we met in the Hernando library with a group of friends, families, and Pastors to help coordinate Personhood work in the district, partic. Desoto county. While the group was not quite as large as was hoped, due to the bad weather (there was actually snow falling from the sky!) what we had was very encouraging. We were given the opportunity to meet with new people and to excite new volunteers. In addition, we also had a lady from the CARE Pregnancy Help Centre of Southaven and she gave us permission to put there name on the web page.

After some introductory statements from one of the leaders up there, my dad gave what he said was the “groundwork’ speech, the make way for Mr Cal (Zastrow). Following after the aforesaid Mr Zastrow gave his “firing up” and training session, there was a Q&A session, lots of highly important questions and points being brought up. One young man asked, and this was a first, “What can I do to help, since I can’t read?” He, at least, was fired up. If we can get enough six to ten year like him excited, they will end up doing most of the real work. The meeting was closed with an encouraging word of prayer.

I think there was much more visible spiritual concern in this group than in many others. I was especially encouraged by the closing prayer, and I hope that many people from that particular group may be drawn closer to Christ through this.


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The Value of Things Eternal

“We are told that every man will be judged according to his works and that Christ keeps a book a remembrance of the good works of the saints as well as the sins of the ungodly. However inconsequential and polluted what the saints do is, all the pollution that accompanies it is hidden.

Everything they do for God with sincerity is precious in His eyes. Through His infinite grace, it will not lose its reward or honour. At the day of judgement, saints will receive praise and glory in reward for it. Christ will declare all the good they have done in their honour–what they did secretly, when they did not let their left hand know what their right hand had done.”

God is not unjust to forget your work and labour of love which you have shown towards His name, in that you ministered to the saints, and do minister. (Hebrew 6:10)

A Thought from Jonathan Edwards.

O God, quicken to life every power within me, that I may lay hold on eternal things. Open my eyes that I may see; give me acute spiritual perception; enable me to taste Thee and know that Thou art good. Make Heaven more real to me than earthly things have ever been. Amen.

A.W. Tozer


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Colorado Personhood Video

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Why Catholics Should Advocate Personhood

The Answer:

Check it out.

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