Personhood Mississippi

Information for Petitioners

Basic information for Petition Circulators :
MAKE SURE YOU READ & UNDERSTAND MISSISSIPPI’s LAWS ON PETITIONING. ( a link is on the back of the Petiton Form)

1) Print petition form. This is the form given us by the Sec. of State & is the only one that can be used. It must be printed in black & white, two sided, legal sized paper. Call me if any of this is not clear — 662-760-8695. If the petitions are not in the proper form, they are worthless.
2) The last column is marked “Congressiona District”. THIS MUST BE THE OLD DISTRICT (prior to the 2000 Census when we had 5 instead of the 4 we have now). The Law reads that we must get 89,285 signatures equally between the FIVE Congressional Districts. After the 2000 Census, we dropped to 4 Districts. The Attorney General has issued an opinion that the signatures must be compiled based on the 5 old districts until the law is revised.
3) If the signer does not know his Precint or District, he can leave them blank. You can fill them in for him.
4) As mentioned on the back of the form, only registered Mississippi voters may sign/ only Mississippi residents may circulate petition. If others want to help, they can help in other ways. Get their contact information.
The process.
5) Start by talking to people you know & people who you are confident will sign the petition. This will build confidence & also help get more volunteers.
6) IT IS VERY CRUCIAL for both the bottom up/ cutural change side of this effort and our victory in the election once the petitions are in that we be able to contact as many of the people who sign the petition and are active in the effort as possible.
However, the ONLY INFORMATION that can be on the Petition is that which is required. So, it will be neccessary for you to get this information on a separate form (hence the attached Contact Information form). On this separate sheet, get e-mail, phone numbers, full mailing address, etc. * Since this is for our use only, you can make notes/ comments on this form
(Such as : “Took Petitions” — “Church/ Homeschool Group wants to help”– Pastor/ elected official”–“interested in adopting/ helping in CPC/ helping unwed moms” — “post abortive/ needed Spirtual help” — etc)
7) Once you get the signatures on the page, take them to the County Courthouse & have the Circut Clerk certify the signatures. It is not necessary for all lines on the form to be full for the form to be certified. If there happens to be one or more “bad” signatures on a form, THIS DOES NOT DISQUALIFY THE ENTIRE FORM take it in anyway.
8) Because of the need to have the forms certified at the county level, it would be very advisable to have separate pages for each county that you collect signatures from. Also, it would likely be helpful to have some designated folks to take a number of petitions to the courthouse. This is not necessary, but might make things more efficient.
Personhood Mississippi
3095 Big Hill Rd
Pontotoc, Mississippi 38863

* Sending these Certified Mail would be wise but is not required. . . .  feel free to include any comments, suggestions, success stories, etc with these submissions.
We must be wise and make sure we do things right, but we must also have a sense of urgency. We need to get the signature gathering completed by September if we want to get this on the ballot in 2010.
Along the way, we’ll let you know about our progress, update you with helpful sites/ suggested reading & success stories from others.
Once the Petitions are all in, we want everyone to come to a thanksgiving prayer meeting & rally in Jackson the day we deliver the petitions.

Thank you for you service to God, to your preborn neighbors & to this effort. May God grant us success !
Call me or e-mail if ayou have any questions — 662-760-8695

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19

Personhood Mississippi
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